Years in the making, the Tethered Worlds story now continues with Book 03.

This is an exciting time to be reading the Tethered Worlds Series. Honestly, it is an exciting time to be writing the series. Book 03, Star in Bankruptcy builds on what has come before to bring an even deeper experience. The twists, turns, and challenges will bring the reader face to face with the impossible.

It took years to get Star in Bankruptcy just right. The Tethered Worlds universe is complex. Like our own world, many factions are vying for money and control. One has only to look beneath the surface of today’s news to discern this. And for Jordahk, it is not just about seeing it, but being forced to engage it to save lives, and ultimately for freedom’s sake.

Book one, Unwelcome Star, remains on sale until August 16. It is a great time to jump in and have three full books of content ready to go. Come on along for the ride!

Celebrate the Release of Tethered Worlds Book 03 With Book 01 Sale

The long awaited third installment in the Tethered Worlds Series is at finally at hand. It will be launching world-wide on August 13th. There is no better time to jump into the series than now, because we are celebrating the new release with an awesome five-day sale of book one, Tethered Worlds: Unwelcome Star. From the morning of Wednesday, August 11 to the evening of Monday, August 16 get the Kindle version of Unwelcome Star for only 99 cents.

Book one started it all. The first action-packed, emotional roller coaster ride which spawned the award winning series. Jordahk thought he was a normal guy—right up until the day the great star-spanning collectivist government tried to annex his world. Then his eccentric grandfather showed up. It all leads to an encounter with ancient but dangerous technology—dangerous to the target and the user!

We will reveal the title of Tethered Worlds book 03 Monday, August 02 at Tethered It will continue the series in ways long time readers will have hoped for, but also in ways they could not have expected.

Blue Star Setting Named Best of The Year

We were gratified to see such a thoughtful review of Tethered Worlds Book 2, Blue Star Setting, by DED over at The New Podler Reviews. We are doubly pleased to find it now named best of 2015. If any of you enjoy reading fun science fiction, please go over to Podler and check out what they have to say. It’s illuminating.

The New Podler Review of Books: The Best of 2015

FreQ Image 04 800_twitter Tethered Worlds Unwelcome Star

Being named best of 2015 is an honor, and we are grateful. We will endeavor to make every future entry live up to its promise and potential.

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