Leap into Tethered Worlds from OCT-20-24 for… ZERO commitment? Is that true?

It has been quite a journey since the launch of Tethered Worlds book 03, Star in Bankruptcy. It is a pleasure to see people get into the series and enjoy its fun and diverse complexities. To get more people started, we have decided to offer book one, Unwelcome Star for the unthinkable price of nothing for five days.

If you get into the Tethered Worlds Series because of it that is a win/win for us all. The adventure you take as a reader though a novel is a personal one, yet also a shared one. Like being in a filled movie theatre (remember those days?) and sharing the experience with a riled-up crowd.

Similarly I will enjoy interacting with you both through the pages of the series and here. I am curious as to what the journey will bring forth in your mind and in your life. Start your hero’s journey this week!

Go on a journey and realize the greatest limits are those we put on ourselves.

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The Tethered Worlds are as diverse as those who settle them. Some bring forth heroes of noble character, and some spawn those who would seek to control others. See where you stand when it comes to fighting for what is right by jumping in and experiencing your own hero’s journey.

Now is the time to jump into Tethered Worlds. Flash seven day introductory price.

It has been great participating with you all for the launch of Tethered Worlds book 03, Star in Bankruptcy. But you can’t start the Tethered Worlds Series in book three! So for all of you who want to jump in and launch your hero’s journey, we are offering for seven days a lower introductory price on book one, Unwelcome Star.

It is a true hero’s journey. From humble beginnings, protagonist Jordahk and his allies will take their first tentative steps against the star spanning, life-ruining government known as the Perigium. You will travel to the far reaches of known space, encounter vicious artificial intelligences, and face off in a hacking battle that might determine the outcomes of the entire mission.

Go on a journey and realize the greatest limits are those we put on ourselves.

Years in the making, the Tethered Worlds story now continues with Book 03.

This is an exciting time to be reading the Tethered Worlds Series. Honestly, it is an exciting time to be writing the series. Book 03, Star in Bankruptcy builds on what has come before to bring an even deeper experience. The twists, turns, and challenges will bring the reader face to face with the impossible.

It took years to get Star in Bankruptcy just right. The Tethered Worlds universe is complex. Like our own world, many factions are vying for money and control. One has only to look beneath the surface of today’s news to discern this. And for Jordahk, it is not just about seeing it, but being forced to engage it to save lives, and ultimately for freedom’s sake.

Book one, Unwelcome Star, remains on sale until August 16. It is a great time to jump in and have three full books of content ready to go. Come on along for the ride!

Celebrate the Release of Tethered Worlds Book 03 With Book 01 Sale

The long awaited third installment in the Tethered Worlds Series is at finally at hand. It will be launching world-wide on August 13th. There is no better time to jump into the series than now, because we are celebrating the new release with an awesome five-day sale of book one, Tethered Worlds: Unwelcome Star. From the morning of Wednesday, August 11 to the evening of Monday, August 16 get the Kindle version of Unwelcome Star for only 99 cents.

Book one started it all. The first action-packed, emotional roller coaster ride which spawned the award winning series. Jordahk thought he was a normal guy—right up until the day the great star-spanning collectivist government tried to annex his world. Then his eccentric grandfather showed up. It all leads to an encounter with ancient but dangerous technology—dangerous to the target and the user!

We will reveal the title of Tethered Worlds book 03 Monday, August 02 at Tethered Worlds.com. It will continue the series in ways long time readers will have hoped for, but also in ways they could not have expected.

Blue Star Setting Named Best of The Year

We were gratified to see such a thoughtful review of Tethered Worlds Book 2, Blue Star Setting, by DED over at The New Podler Reviews. We are doubly pleased to find it now named best of 2015. If any of you enjoy reading fun science fiction, please go over to Podler and check out what they have to say. It’s illuminating.

The New Podler Review of Books: The Best of 2015

FreQ Image 04 800_twitter Tethered Worlds Unwelcome Star

Being named best of 2015 is an honor, and we are grateful. We will endeavor to make every future entry live up to its promise and potential.

Check out our trailer.

Tethered Worlds series at Amazon.

Tethered Worlds Book One Thanksgiving Weekend Sale — Done & Thanks!

 POST SALE UPDATE: We are grateful to those who helped support our sale. To all who purchased, thank you and happy reading. We hope you enjoy the series, and if you do, let us know!

UNWELCOME STAR For $0.99—Thanksgiving Weekend Only!


We are running this special for four days, November 27-30. The Tethered Worlds series has been well received. Now you can start from the beginning with the Kindle edition of book one, Unwelcome Star, for only $0.99.

Tether Worlds Unwelcome Star (kindle edition) at Amazon

Be there with Jordahk as he is thrust into a quest to save his world—and find out more about himself. Glean hints from Jordahk’s mysterious grandfather who knows more than he’s willing to say. Watch the whole family square off against a cunning fleet commander and a ruthless technology hunter.

Check out our newly released trailer and then go on an adventure!


space_invaders_signatureGregory Faccone hopes you will also check out the Tethered Worlds series. It may not make colorful fractals leap off the page, but they still can in your mind!

Tethered Worlds Series Trailer Released

We just finished cutting the new Tethered Worlds series trailer. It is a fun, colorful, fractal filled experience! You will see some production art included. We also added tags for the first two books currently available in the series.

Book trailers are a relatively new phenomenon, but can be an entertaining and fast way to give people an insight into a novel. They transform the gist from a written piece of work into another medium well suited to the internet. Watch it full-screen and enjoy!

Tethered Worlds: New Covers for the Release of Book II


New! & Improved!

With the release of Tethered Worlds book two, Blue Star Setting, we have commissioned new covers for a new look to the series. We went classic for the introductory phase. Now that two books are out and the series is advancing in earnest, we decided on a more “techy” look. First, the redesigned Unwelcome Star cover:

Here is my rough layout for the new cover with the original classic font.
Here is my rough layout for the new cover using the original classic font.

You can see all the similar elements from the first edition cover, just rearranged. Again I called upon the fine artistic services of Lorenz Hideyoshi Ruwwe, who has painted all the Tethered Worlds covers up to now. I originally planned to have the spaceship coming through the hexagon on the first edition version, but could not get it to work well enough. This time we pulled it off.

Notice our new, fine-looking "techy" font. We retained the signature hexagonal egress replacing the "O" in "Worlds."
Notice our new, fine-looking “techy” font. We retained the signature hexagonal egress replacing the “O” in “Worlds.”

For the Blue Star Setting cover, I wanted to convey an epic space battle, and of course the blue star. Two massive fleets exchanging fire in a largely blue system, and with the hexagonal egress still nearby.

I thought the egress placement was best highlighted on the sun's edge. The white star is the second in this binary system. For the final, you will see it moved to the back cover.
I thought the egress placement was best highlighted on the sun’s edge. The white star is the second in this binary system. For the final, you will see it on the back cover.

We moved some of the elements around for the final, including the title and author text. Flexibility is a must when everything is jockeying for position on a book cover. Lorenz did a fine job making the egress angle dramatic.

One ship needed to be more massive than all the rest. (Those who had read the book know to whom it belongs.)
One ship needed to be more massive than all the rest. (Those who have read the book know to whom it belongs.)

We want the Tethered Worlds experience to be a quality one both inside and on the cover. Now that you have enjoyed the covers and the story behind them, consider reading the series and find out what this hexagonal thing in space is all about.



Gregory Faccone is author of the Tethered Worlds series, available at Amazon. He wants you to go on an adventure into space with his series. And honestly, it is a lot cheaper than trying to get to the international space station.

Tethered Worlds: Unwelcome Star Print Edition Now on Sale!


Don’t have an e-reader? Like the feel of paper? Want the classic reading experience? Tethered Worlds: Unwelcome Star has been released in paperback.

Buy it on Amazon, or preferably directly from the publisher to get a 15% discount. Enjoy!