Now is the time to jump into Tethered Worlds. Flash seven day introductory price.

It has been great participating with you all for the launch of Tethered Worlds book 03, Star in Bankruptcy. But you can’t start the Tethered Worlds Series in book three! So for all of you who want to jump in and launch your hero’s journey, we are offering for seven days a lower introductory price on book one, Unwelcome Star.

It is a true hero’s journey. From humble beginnings, protagonist Jordahk and his allies will take their first tentative steps against the star spanning, life-ruining government known as the Perigium. You will travel to the far reaches of known space, encounter vicious artificial intelligences, and face off in a hacking battle that might determine the outcomes of the entire mission.

Go on a journey and realize the greatest limits are those we put on ourselves.

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