Leap into Tethered Worlds from OCT-20-24 for… ZERO commitment? Is that true?

It has been quite a journey since the launch of Tethered Worlds book 03, Star in Bankruptcy. It is a pleasure to see people get into the series and enjoy its fun and diverse complexities. To get more people started, we have decided to offer book one, Unwelcome Star for the unthinkable price of nothing for five days.

If you get into the Tethered Worlds Series because of it that is a win/win for us all. The adventure you take as a reader though a novel is a personal one, yet also a shared one. Like being in a filled movie theatre (remember those days?) and sharing the experience with a riled-up crowd.

Similarly I will enjoy interacting with you both through the pages of the series and here. I am curious as to what the journey will bring forth in your mind and in your life. Start your hero’s journey this week!

Go on a journey and realize the greatest limits are those we put on ourselves.

▪ ▪ ▪


The Tethered Worlds are as diverse as those who settle them. Some bring forth heroes of noble character, and some spawn those who would seek to control others. See where you stand when it comes to fighting for what is right by jumping in and experiencing your own hero’s journey.

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